Poem – ‘Life’ by Anderson Etienne (4 Om)

Trials and tribulations,
Perseverance and desperation,
Guidance needed,
Worshiping all those who succeeded,
Destined to make it in society,
Following all the rules that my parents gave me,
Life is a struggle you have to go through,
There are trials yes ! only a few,
I only ask for a life of peace,
Where all this crime and violence will cease,
Where we can ask help and borrow,
Freeing this world,
Of hardship and sorrow,
Life is a gift given to man,
We are all part of God’s sacred plan,
On my knees everyday,
I hope and pray,
Hoping for one of these great days,
That the less fortunate will get praised,
We don’t need a lot only a few,
Please take my hand and we’ll start anew.

Peer Pressure

Sometimes you feel like a boss
But still be a bigger person
Stand up, stand strong
Because God gave you a gift
That you simply can’t ignore

Try to be smart
Be careful when following friends
They carry you but may not bring you back

Peer pressure we say
I stand strong
Now I can plant my feet firmly in the ground
Because I know what is right and what is wrong

Everyone has a path to choose
It’s either you win or lose
So be wise and put up a fight
With all your might
For what you believe in

Follow the path that is right
And not shallow
So that you could be a part of a better tomorrow.

Christina Ali – Form 1 Om


I was only sixteen
And I had a big dream
My dream was to be a doctor
For the country’s top medical team

But now my dream is crushed
Just because of a stupid boy’s touch
At first it seemed harmless
But I was so careless

I began to cough and wheeze
I had contracted the syphilis disease
Sex was so compelling
Until my stomach started swelling

Now as I walked the streets in shame
I hear them whisper my name
I know my life wouldn’t be the same
Just because of that boy named Dwayne

So please I beg of you
Don’t do the same
Listen to your parents, stay in school
And please ABSTAIN

A fictional poem by Rhonda Jagroop – 3 Om

Health Watch in Swaha Hindu College

Located at 3/4mm Coalmine Road, Sangre Grande, Swaha Hindu College (SHC) was transferred into its new building since the beginning of the new school year in September of 2009. With this new milieu there have been various changes in the school system. One such change was the “No soft drink day,” which was initiated last year. In an effort to advocate health, effective as of January this year, SHC has completely debarred the consumption of soft drinks in the school. The once enjoyed flavoursome drinks by many students and teachers as well, are now substituted with a variety of juices and milk drinks. We are proud to say, this project has been successful thus far.
In addition to this healthy lifestyle initiative, the Eastern Regional Health Authority (ERHA) was invited to the school where members took the opportunity to lecture to the student population on diabetes. This was done in a very comical, yet educational way, which truly grasped the attention of the students. More so, students were tested for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.
Furthermore, the Principal of SHC, Pundit Balram Persad, has promoted the importance of vegetarianism from since the inception of the school’s opening in September 2001; as vegetarian meals are only allowed on the school’s compound. He also initiated the drive for an aerobics burnout which took place on the 19th February of this year.
As such, SHC is determined to maintain this trend as a means of promoting their health-driven focus, and by extension be the pioneer school that not only promotes academics and extra curricular activities, but also healthy living .
Sasha Dindial
Also Posted on The Trinidad Guardian’s  Website