Champions School Tour 2016

A few prominent West Indies cricketers visited SWAHA Hindu College on Wednesday 25th May 2016 as part of the Champions School Tour. They were accompanied by Mr. Gowkeran Ali, Curriculum Officer (P.E.) and other officials.  They are currently visiting schools to help motivate students by sharing their personal struggles to achieve success. The cricketers included –

  • Mr. Samuel Badree (West Indies, Brisbane Heat,Chennai Super Kings, Islamabad United, Rajasthan Royals,Royal Challengers Bangalore, Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago,Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel, West Indies A)
  • Ms. Anisa Mohammed (Trinidad & Tobago Women, West Indies Women)
  • Ms. Stacy Ann King (West Indies Women)
  • Ms. Britney Cooper (West Indies Women)
  • Mr. Kirstan Kallicharan (Trinidad & Tobago Under-19s, West Indies Under-19s)
  • Mr. Jyd Goolie (Trinidad & Tobago Under-19s)

Ms. Anisa Mohammed and her twin sister Ms. Alisa Mohammed are past students of SWAHA Hindu College. Alisa is currently one of SHC’s  Physical Education teachers.

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SHC at Swadeshi 2016

A group of students and teachers entered SWAHA’s Annual Swadeshi Competition on May 1st, 2016.
We were successful in the following categories:

13-16 years
3rd. Radha Sookram- SWAHA Hindu College

13-15 years.
1st. Anisha Ramnarine- SWAHA Hindu College

1st. SWAHA Hindu College Dance Group

3rd. SWAHA Hindu College.

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Kadeem Stoute (1 Om) – Dragon Boat Champion

(Left) alisa mohammed and kadeem stouteMiss Alisa Mohammed (P.E. teacher) presents Kadeem Stoute with a trophy and medal. (Click on photo for larger image)

Kadeem Stoute, a main member of a “Pelau Team” which consisted of students of Valencia Secondary, Sangre Grande Secondary and Swaha Hindu College, participated in the Secondary School’s Regatta at Salybia River on Sunday 24th April, 2016. The team came first, winning this Regatta.

Kadeem shares some information about Dragon Boating-

“This is a very fun, active sport. It teaches you discipline, team-work and focus. Your speed, agility and strength will increase. In this sport, technique, timing and power play important roles. It is very important to stay hydrated, preferably with water.”

Congratulations Kadeem! Keep it up!

Swaha Hindu College Student Wins Additional Scholarship

The Board of Education of Swaha, the Principal, teachers and students of Swaha Hindu College, and indeed the Swaha organisation wish to congratulate Ms. Monifa Armstrong on copping an Additional Scholarship in Environmental Studies. She attained all ones in Caribbean Studies, Communication Studies, Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science. She has left an indelible mark on the hearts of the teachers and students as she was and is a very humble and amiable student who displayed tremendous school spirit by actively participating in all school’s activities. Monifa also had an insatiable appetite for learning.
Monifa was able to successfully balance study time, extra-curricular activities as well as challenges that came her way. She was the BPTT Secondary Schools’ National Environmental Debate Winner in 2012; placed first in the Essay and Art categories in 2015 and second in Rotary Club’s ‘Go Green’ competition in 2014. Monifa’s outstanding contributions were not limited to just these. In collaboration with the school’s instrumental group, she qualified for the finals of the 2012 Children of Mastanas as the lead harmonium player. She even represented the school with distinction and honour at the finals of the Secondary School’s Dance Festival in 2012 and 2013.

Her goodhearted nature urged her to volunteer for many philanthropic causes such as the tutoring the students of the Tulsi Manas Primary School in Reading, Math and Creative Writing skills. Monifa also assisted the Swaha Tulsi Manas Mandir with marching for Swaha’s annual Sports Day and has been an active participant in Ramleela for the past five years. She was also recognised for volunteering in programmes offered by the Ministry of Health and the Eastern Regional Health Authority this year.
Monifa’s journey was not without challenges. At the age of 11, she was diagnosed with scoliosis which permanently damaged some of her nerves, especially in her hands. This caused great difficulty with writing and left her with excruciating back pains. A few days before writing her CAPE exams she developed pneumonia and was sent for immediate medical attention. Notwithstanding these challenges, Monifa emerged successful. She has attributed these successes to the grace of God, the support of her parents, her teachers, and her friends.
Monifa’s advice to all students is to attend school regularly, pay attention in class, study hard and participate in as many extracurricular activities as possible. She does not subscribe to students taking additional lessons. Monifa relied solely on the expertise of her teachers at school and sought their help when difficulties arose in grasping the various concepts. She continues to live by her credo “It is always better to try and fail than fail to try.” Monifa is currently pursuing the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MB BS) degree programme at The University of the West Indies. Swaha salutes Monifa and wishes her all successes in the future.

Ferdinand Smith – Secondary Schools Soca Monarch Champion

Excerpt from Trinidad Guardian, Saturday February 02, 2013 Page A7 (by Tremaine Soca Warner):
…In the Secondary Schools category, 15 year old Ferdinand Smith of Swaha Hindu College walked away with the crown, beating 12 competitors.
The form three student performed his song ‘Back in the Dance’ – a tribute to soca icon Austin Superblue Lyons.
Smith had students in the audience screaming as he imitated Super Blue’s popular dance moves and microphone flipping antics.
Interviewed shortly after his performance, Smith said Super Blue was his favourite local singer and he wanted to recognise Super Blue’s massive 2013 comeback in the soca arena.
Excerpt from Saturday Express, Saturday February 02, 2013 Page 5 (by Kimoy Leon Sing):
…Smith, who is no stranger to the stage having competed at the National Schools Soca Monarch Competition before; paid tribute to the iconic Austin “Super Blue” Lyons after having returned to the soca arena with his song “Back in the Dance”.
Dressed in Super Blue’s signature colour, blue, Smith thrilled the audience and the judges with his “Super Blue-like” moves and commanding performance on stage.
Leaping off the stage to get closer to the crowd, Smith’s infectious energy spurred on those in the Grand Stand to jump and wave.

The Staff and students of Swaha Hindu College congratulates Ferdinand Smith of Form 3 Om on this achievement.

Swaha Hindu College’s First Scholarship Winner !

Chelsie Ramsingh, a young, enthusiastic, optimistic student, entered the doors of Swaha Hindu College motivated to achieve. Encouraged by the high disciplined, dedicated teachers and mentored by the Principal at that time, Pt. Balram Persad, Chelsie was challenged to become a scholarship winner. At an early age, she displayed the unyielding ability to accomplish any task she put her mind to. She became a role model for many students to emulate, as she progressed through her academic world.
Chelsie succeeded at the CSEC level when she attained seven ones. It is at this point that she realized her desire to pursue medicine; however, this would not have been possible having not completed Chemistry at O’ levels. Under the guidance of her Chemistry teacher, Satyanand Maharajh, she decided to complete the entire O’ level syllabus in one year. By this time, Chelsie not only got a one in O’ level Chemistry, but also distinctions in Communication Studies, Biology and Environmental Science.
By the second year in form six, Chelsie attempted both units in Chemistry and completed the other units in Biology and Environmental Science, as well as Caribbean Studies. She again achieved all ones with distinctions in Environmental Science, Chemistry and Biology. Special thanks to the Principal Pt. Gyandeo Persad who continued to encourage Chelsie along the path of success and her Form six subject teachers, namely, Pt. Ishwar Madho Maharaj, Satyanand Maharajh, Ambika Madho Maharaj, Sunita Maharaj, Kamla Rambally, Rajin Singh and all other teachers who contributed to her success.
It is without a doubt that Chelsie’s parents also played a pivotal role in their daughter’s success. The values, positivism and discipline that the Ramsingh’s instilled in Chelsie are applaudable and their blessings made Chelsie’s journey to success a much more comfortable one.
As evidenced from Chelsie’s outstanding success, unwavering faith in God, the blessings from one’s parents, a healthy and positive psyche and guidance from committed, professional teachers are ingredients for outstanding academic students and exemplary, patriotic citizens.

Angenie Harricoo – Form 1 Dancer

Angenie Harricoo is a Form 1 Om student of SWAHA Hindu College. She is a young and graceful aspiring artist. She began dancing at the tender age of six, under the instruction of internationally acclaimed dance artiste Susan Mohip.
Ever since, she has diligently studied each aspect of the Kathak style and has devoted herself to the very essence and evolution of this style. Due to her passion for East Indian dance, she is currently studying the Odissi style under the instruction of internationally acclaimed dance artiste Sandra Sookdeo. Because of her experience, she has had the opportunity to compete at the Secondary Schools’ Dance Festival 2011 and qualified for the finals. Angenie has also performed on several religious occasions.

This dance is an invocational dance in traditional Kathak style. She first pays respects to her guru in the form of Guru Vandana and then demonstrates the technical aspects of this unique style of graceful movements, swift spins and accurate timing.

Unit Trust Investment Game

SWAHA Hindu College was invited to participate in 15th Edition of the Schools’ Investment Game 2010-2011 hosted by the Unit Trust Corporation. The game was created to enhance the knowledge learnt in the classroom and to provide the students with the practical exposure to the money and capital market. Teams entering the game were allotted a notional sum of twenty thousand ($20000.00) for investment in the following instruments: First Unit Scheme, Second Unit Scheme, Fixed Deposit, Savings Account, Company Shares traded on the T & T Stock Market, Chaconia Income & Growth Fund and US Dollar Money Market Fund. At the completion of the game, the team with be highest return will be adjudged the winner.
Although, this is the first time that SWAHA Hindu College had entered the Students’ Investment Game, and competed against 40 other schools in the country, one of our teams was able to win one of the monthly prizes. This was the monthly prize for November 2010. The team comprising of Reshma Dial, Sasha Dindial, Akheela Guerra and Sashanta Indoi, are now ranked 2nd in the game, amidst other schools such as Queens Royal College and St. Mary’s College. Members of the Marketing Department of Unit Trust Corporation visited SWAHA Hindu College on Tuesday 11th January, 2010 to personally congratulate and distribute prizes to our students. The team is eagerly awaiting the completion of the investment game on January 22nd where they hope to be one of the top four winners of the competition.
The successful students were elated when the representatives from the UTC announced that they are also eligible in attaining training positions in the company for the summer vacation, in an attempt to expose students to an environment which deals with investment on a daily basis.
We wish our students and the other competitors the best of luck!

Click below for pictures taken at the ceremony.

Students enter NGC Gas Rush Competition

Students of secondary schools from all areas of Trinidad entered the National Gas Company’s Gas Rush Competition. Booklets containing material on which the questions will be based on as well as energy maps of Trinidad were distributed to students. Monifa Armstrong, Jamila Best, Nikita Sukul and Rhea Dodds entered and were guided and assisted by Ms Farisha Mohammed

In the first round of the competition, SWAHA Hindu College went up against Valencia High School at the La Joya Centre, St. Joseph on 12th October 2010. It was a clear victory for SHC students who scored 2200 points compared to -300 points for Valencia High School. SHC advanced to the next round of competition.

Above(left to right): Ms. Farisha Mohammed (Physics teacher) Nikita Sukul, Monifa Armstrong, Jamila Bess and Rhea Dodds

We congratulate and wish the students best of  luck to our hard working students as they prepare for Round 2.

Participant’s Comments:
Rhea Teresa Dodds: The NGC Gas Rush Competition was very exciting but frightening at times. We were able to pull through and do well. We learnt a
lot of new things through the game. The host was very friendly and kept the game lively. I really enjoyed participating and can’t wait for Round 2.

Nikita Sukul: It was nerve wrecking at first but as time passed and as I heard my fellow school mates cheering on, it gave me encouragement and
lots of confidence. I knew we would win the competition.

Monifa Armstrong: I always had a love for Science so I was very enthusiastic to enter and prepare for the competition. The booklet given to us contained a lot of information and it was somewhat difficult having to do homework and studies for other subjects as well as study for the competition.
I sacrificed what little spare time I had to prepare and in the end it paid off as we beat Valencia High School comprehensively and are now on to the
second round.

A Report by Rumuluss Maraj (President of Technology Club)

Students enter UTC’s Divali Art Competition

Five students of SWAHA Hindu College submitted art pieces for the Unit Trust Corporation’s Divali Art Competition 2010. The theme for 2010 was ‘Lights of Hope and Peace’. They are currently awaiting the results. Here are the entries:
Click on images for larger view

Name: Sacha Ragoobar
Form: 4
Title of Work: Goddess Of Wealth
Inspiration: Divali is right around the corner and it signifies light over darkness. I am a Hindu and I wanted to do an art piece featuring Mother Lakshmi who is the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.

Name: Monifa Armstrong
Form: 3
Title Of Work: She Who Shines The Path of Life
Inspiration: The radiance and serenity which Mother Lakshmi possesses inspired me to do this work of art. I always think of her as watching over us, showering us with all her greatness and shining the light to discover the many stepping stones of life.

Name: Ravi Ramdhan
Title Of Work: First Sight of Deeya
Inspiration: I was inspired to do this piece by this American boy who saw a deeya for the first time. Mother Lakshmi looks on as the boy observes someone praying.

Name: Rhonda Shaffie
Form: 3
Title Of Work: Freedom
When I think of Mother Lakshmi, my stress filled mind becomes free. It is like a breath of fresh air.

Name: Supria Deonanan
Form: 6
Title of Work: The Approach of Light
Inspiration: A saying I heard when I was a child that Mother Lakshmi resides in the flame of the deeya.

Chelsie Ramsingh: Brilliant Light of SWAHA Hindu College

Chelsie Ramsingh is one of the trail-blazers of SWAHA Hindu College who has demonstrated that prayer, family and a disciplined approach to life are the key factors that augurs well for total success. In this year’s CSEC examinations Chelsie, who celebrated her seventeenth birthday just about three weeks ago, attained seven Grade Ones,  a clear evaluation of the caliber of students who pass through the doors of this hallowed institution.

In a brief interview with Chelsie, she reveals her secrets to success, her personal credo and a bit of advice to her peers.

Here is what the youthful star shares with us:

Q: Congratulations on your outstanding results! What were your Academic Achievements CSEC exams 2010:
A: Grade 1’s in Mathematics, English, Biology, Physics, Information Technology, Electronics and  Social Studies

Q: what have you decided to study at CAPE ?
A: I am currently Studying Maths, Biology and  Environmental Science at CAPE Level

Q. What are some of your leisure activities?
A. Outdoor activities – football and going to the beach.

Q. What’s your favourite leisure time activity?
Book: All Sherlock Holmes novels
TV Show: Not Interested in TV
Place of Interest: Valencia River
Food: Pizza

Q. How did you prepare for CSEC exams?
A. –  Review of test and exam papers
– Read concise notes on subject material
– Keep reading over notes and text
– Prepare for new topics by pre-reading content and doing Internet research before it is  taught
–  Ask questions when in doubt

Q. What are your future plans?
A.  – I hope to be enrolled at U.W.I Medical Sciences Dept.
– I hope to live and work abroad as a doctor.

Q. Who is your role model?
A. Definitely my parents. They kept urging me never to give up and to work to my fullest potential

Q. What were your greatest achievements?
A. – Seven Grade 1’s at CSEC level
– Principal’s Award at Primary school level

Q. If you could turn back the hands of time, is there anything you would change?
A. I would not change anything.

Q. What is your personal credo?
A. Think positive and everything will work out

Q. What other factors, besides lots of studying contributed to your success?
A. Spirituality and family life. Prayer is very important. I always prayed before my examinations. I have a very stable relationship with my family and they are very supportive of me.

Q. What advice will you give to your peers?
A. If you have an ultimate goal in life don’t let anything come in between you and that goal.

As Chelsie commences her CAPE studies we wish her all success and hope that her brilliance may spread throughout her life and that her example may light the way for others to follow. Best of luck and may continued excellence be yours.