Principal of Swaha Hindu College Retires

Pt.-Gyandeo-PersadThe retirement function of Pt Gyandeo Persad was held at Swaha Hindu College on Wednesday 25th May 2016, in the presence of the Parmacharya of Swaha Incorporated, Pt. Hardeo Persad, other Pandits of the Dharma Mandal, representative of Swaha Board of Education Chairman, North Eastern Educational District SSIII, Mr. Kendall John and other specially invited guests.

Pt. Gyandeo held the distinguished post of Principal at Swaha Hindu College during the years 2011 to 2016. He was the second principal of the school, the first being Pt Balram Persad.

Punditji was noted for his affable personality, his cordial relationship with staff and students and his firm position on education as a form of individual development towards making Trinidad and Tobago equipped with outstanding citizens.

In his address, Paramcharyaji complimented the outgoing principal for his inner strength, perseverance and determination that distinguished him in every field in which he served.

Acting Principal Pt Ishwar Madho Maharaj described Pt. Gyandeo as one who stood firmly on the pillars of Sanatan Dharma (truth, cleanliness, compassion and charity)and encouraged the entire student body to build their lives upon them.

Pt Gyandeo, in his farewell speech to the student population, parents and other specially invited guests, expressed how grateful he was to contribute 30 years of service to education. He advised students to continue on the path to success.

The entire school bade farewell to Pt Gyandeo as he left the assembly, by wishing him the very best during this new chapter of his life.

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Champions School Tour 2016

A few prominent West Indies cricketers visited SWAHA Hindu College on Wednesday 25th May 2016 as part of the Champions School Tour. They were accompanied by Mr. Gowkeran Ali, Curriculum Officer (P.E.) and other officials.  They are currently visiting schools to help motivate students by sharing their personal struggles to achieve success. The cricketers included –

  • Mr. Samuel Badree (West Indies, Brisbane Heat,Chennai Super Kings, Islamabad United, Rajasthan Royals,Royal Challengers Bangalore, Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago,Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel, West Indies A)
  • Ms. Anisa Mohammed (Trinidad & Tobago Women, West Indies Women)
  • Ms. Stacy Ann King (West Indies Women)
  • Ms. Britney Cooper (West Indies Women)
  • Mr. Kirstan Kallicharan (Trinidad & Tobago Under-19s, West Indies Under-19s)
  • Mr. Jyd Goolie (Trinidad & Tobago Under-19s)

Ms. Anisa Mohammed and her twin sister Ms. Alisa Mohammed are past students of SWAHA Hindu College. Alisa is currently one of SHC’s  Physical Education teachers.

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UWI Campus Tour 2016

On May 20th, 2016, forty Form Three students of SWAHA Hindu College accompanied by Mrs. Vidusha Singh (TIII/Ag. Dean) and Mrs. Candice Sewsarran-Pooran (TIII/Dean), attended a Campus Tour organised by UWI (St. Augustine). Students were introduced to the various faculties and programmes offered by the University. This is an annual programme geared towards expanding students’ horizons by exposing them to a broad range of possibilities at the tertiary level.

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Fabric Design in Form Three

In preparation for their NCSE VAPA exams the Form Three Art students created their own fabric designs utilizing the ancient art form of Batik. Batik is a resist method of decorating fabric where students apply hot wax to the fabric. Any area that has wax on the surface will resist the colour when dyed and results if beautiful and unique designs. A job well done by our Form Three Art students!

Cricket Match at Plum Mitan

By: Rinuka Juteram, Shivana Kistow, Keeta Raghoo
On Tuesday 3rd March, the male cricketers of SWAHA Hindu College set out to beat Northeastern College at the Plum Mitan Recreation Grounds. Despite our boys’ best efforts we were unable to beat Northeastern College. But nevertheless our boys shone like bright, blinding stars.
SWAHA lost the toss and were sent to bat. The scores were:
(1) Videsh- 0 runs
(2) Richard- 5 runs
(3) Alex- 39 runs
(4) Amrit (Captain)- 2 runs
(5) Rajesh- 1 run
(6) Ishaan- 5 runs
(7) Bryan (Vice Captain)- 19* (not out)
(8) Rayaz- 1 run
(9) Marcus- 1 run
(10) Venn-2 runs
(11) Daniel-1 run
27 Extras
All Out

cricket scores


Tetra Pak recycling initiative at SHC

Everyday students and teachers use and discard items which are stored in Tetra Pak packages. Many manufacturers and packagers of fruit juices and milk products use Tetra Pak packages for their products.


Tetra Pak Packaging material (From Tetra Pak’s website)
The main material in all our packages is paperboard. We use just enough to make the package stable, without adding unnecessary weight. Paperboard is a renewable material, made from wood.
Paperboard is the main material in our cartons. It provides stability, strength and smoothness to the printing surface.
Polyethylene​ protects against outside moisture and enables the paperboard to stick to the aluminium foil.
Aluminium foil
Aluminium foil protects against oxygen and light to maintain the nutritional value and flavours of the food in the package in ambient temperatures.
Source: Tetra Pak’s website:

  • The used Tetra Pak packages will be soaked in water to separate the paperboard from the plastic and aluminium layers. The paper content can then be turned into new products like toilet paper, tissue and notebooks. The plastic and aluminium can also be recovered to make things like roof tiles or plastic pots. The following individuals have made this project possible at SHC:
    Principal Pt. Gyandeo Persad, Vice Principal Pt. Ishwar Madho Maharaj, Mr. Rajin Singh, Ms. Alana Gajadhar, Ace Recycling and Ms. Tisha Maraj (Consultant)