Poem by Nandini Arjoon of Swaha Gyaan Deepak Kirtan Mandali
Swadeshe 2009

Aray bhaiya, didi, dada, sab koyee listen nah,
Don’t you see what’s becoming of our precious paramparaa?
Day by day hamaray traditions are gradually slipping away
Like lose dirt on a mountain on a very rainy day.

Just take a look at what has happened with our names
Like the people in the red house really playing games
Ganesh is Gunness, Ramavatar turned into Ramootaa
Ramkrishan went to Ramkissoon, Rameshwar is Ramaysaa

It’s like we roti and channa and aloo not good enough either
No, curried goat and chicken is what we seem to prefer
Tell me, weren’t our ancestors healthy? What did they eat?
All we do these days is stuff ourselves full of meat!

There was a time we dared not enter the temple with jeans,
But it’s the style these days therefore it’s all that can be seen
Of course, like everything else it has become the norm
And all our girls just want to show off their ‘Coca Cola’ form

Over and over popular pundits preach ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’
Simply and importantly it means, treat your guests like God bhaiya.
Now if yuh want bhojan in a satsang yuh have to form a long line
In the same way that slaves and prisoners always dine

Sad to say our beautiful music has gone down the drain
Such beautiful Bhajans and Raagas, what a shame!
Now the young people want something with a little flair
A nice song for them must include “Put yuh hand in d’ air!”

So my friends, mayray dosto, what shall we do?
The ones up keeping our paramparaa are far and few.
Set the right example, encourage your friend,
Or before you know it our culture will come to a tragic end.

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