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Bhajan: Daykho Brindaabana

Daykho Brindaabana kunja mayree

Naachay Nanda-kumaara

 Mora mukuta sira oopara sohay

Gala phoolana kay haara

Peetambara kati beecha viraajay

Murali adhara-sudhaara

 Veenaa taala mridangee baajay

Baajay jhaanjha sitaara

Chhana chhana chhana chhana nupura baajay

Kara-kankara jhankaara

 Sakhiyon kay sangha Raadhaa naachay

Naachay vraja kee naara

Gwaala baala saba milakara naachay

Kara karakay sringaara

 Jalachala mohay thalachala mohay

Mohay nabha sanchaara

Brahmaananda muneeshvara mohay

Bansi dhura niradhaara

See how my Nanda-kumaara (Krishna) dances in the Brindaban forest.

On His hair is a peacock feather and on His neck is a garland of flowers.

Around His waist is tied a yellow cloth on which He keeps His flute.

The Veena, mridang, jhaanja and sitar all play a melodious tune while He dances.

Jingling anklets also add music to this symphony.

Radha and her friends dance to this beautiful sound.

The cowherds gaily dressed, all dance together.

Water, earth and sky- creatures are charmed by this sight.

The poet Brahmanand expresses the hope that he too becomes charmed by the flute.

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Mohi laagee lagana

Mohi laagee lagana Guru charanana  kee

Charana binaa  mohi  kuchha naheen  bhaavay
Jhuthee  maayaa saba svapanana  kee

Bhava saagara saba  sookha gayaa hai
Phikara naheen mohi taranana kee

Meeraa kay Prabhu Giridhara naagara
Ulata bhayee more  nayanana kee
I make prostrations to the feet of the Guru.
I yearn for nothing other than these feet. Everything else is false, only a dream.
The ocean of mundane existence is dried up for me. To cross over it is no problem.
The poet Meera says, “My Lord Giridhara, My eyes search inward for You.”

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Utha Jaaga Musaaphira

Utha jaaga musaaphira bhora bhaee
Aba raina kahaan jo sovata hain

Jo jaagata hai so paavata hai
Jo sovata hai so khovata hai
Tuka neenda say aankhon khola zaraa
Owra apanay prabhu say dhyaana lagaa

Jo kala karanaa to aaja karalay
Jo aaja karanaa to aba karalay
Jaba chiriyon nay chuga khayta liyaa
Phira pachhataaya kyaa hovata hai

Naadaana bhugata karanee apanee
Yay paapee papa mayn chaina kahaan
Jaba papa kee ghataree sheesha dharee
Phira sheesha kyon rovata hai

Arise! Awake! O traveller, it is dawn.
The night is gone.
This is no time to sleep.
Remember, the one who is awake, achieves.
The one who sleeps, loses.
Open your eyes even a little from your slumber and meditate on the Lord.
What is to be done tomorrow, do it today. What is to be done today, do it now.
When the birds have eaten up the entire field,
what will you get by repenting?
O foolish one, suffer for your deeds.
O sinner, where can you find peace?
When the burden of sin hangs over your head,
why hold your head now and cry?

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Local Song: SWAHA Tulsi Manas Mandir

Duty Supreme

O Dharma Phal, O Purna Kal
Āj apanē kartavya karanā aur dhan’ya kal laga rahā hai
O Dharma Phal, O Purna Kal

Jīvana āsāna nahīṁ hai
Life is not easy,
Every day with plenty difficulty (2x).
But be strong, do not falter,
Jus’ be stronger than ever.
Bhagvan is always there, for you my son and daughter,
Yes, Shri Raam is always here, my beti an’ beta

D limin’, d drinkin’, d smokin’
Bear no fruits, you end up with nothin’.
Liming, pīnē, dhūmrapāna
kō’ī phala sahana
you end up with nothin’.
Do something each day, live your life in a fruitful way.
Pratyēka dina kucha karanā, live yuh life in a righteous way.
Remember d seeds today you sow, is d world you’ll live in tomorrow.

The lying, the stealing, the cheating
Does make wounds too deep for healing.
Jhūṭha bōla rahī hai, cōrī, dhōkhādhaṛī
Does make wounds, too deep for healing.
Satyam, soucham, dayaa, daan
Is D pillars on which we must stand.
Roots in an honest life could be bitter,
But d fruits are forever sweet.

So with humility, clasp yuh hands an’ pray,
Be thankful fuh d blessings of each day.
So jus’ do wat yuh hav’ to do,
In your heart jus be true
perform yuh duty n do it right.
Keep yuh goals in near sight.
By fulfilling yuh dharma, you creating good karma.
Dharma āpa kō pūrā karanē sē, āpa acchē karma banānē

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