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Pani Up Hill

My name is not necessary but my story is this,
Its details are fleshy and its topic’s never missed.
I dedicate all me and still I am silent,
My heart eats my sorrow as I am alone with God.
No stubborn remarks, not even a moan,
Struggling through rain as I am only human, but left all alone.
“I must be humble, I must, I must!”

As a girl, I do all for Mama and Papa, both chore of boys and girls in one,
This is hectic duty, not one of laugh or fun.
The sun himself sees not through the cloudy heavens clear so how am I to know,
The happiness in real childhood when heart is buried deep into snow.
Garment not even one piece, I’ve got the scrap for work but one suit for school,
Tough life, no time, no conscience for playing fool.
“I must be humble, I must, I must!”

No pani to wash hand or body but Mama say I have brain to rule nation,
I have not a friend to tell, I seem to smell too bad, Papa have no money for W.A.S.A it’s not his fault,
Many of the kids at my school call Papa Cult.
But Papa’s a good man, trying hard like little 8 year old me,
Duty first, it’s a harsh reality.
The world is cruel and barbaric when you live with pocket dry,
But I will spread my feathers to form wings and let them see me fly.
“I must be humble, I must, I must!”

“Papa, God looking at all; look up, see his light”,
My words left Papa speechless, no remarks to fight.
My feet always firm on ground as my bruised body stands strong,
My journey is broad but my distance is long.
Carry pani quite up the hill and back down,
Sell dasheen Bush down town.
“I must be humble, I must, I must!”

Go Temple, pray to Ganesh for health and knowledge in brain,
You don’t get these from inside the drain.
Listen more, talk less is one lesson God gives my heart,
No man can hurt me when I have good start.
My culture has married young as I must do duty once more,
Hope rich man take me at door.
War may come and time may go,
But duty is duty as I am a child, my name is Mineshrie Budna and always learn if life is hard, it stays so.
Life as a girl may not always be royal but when duty calls,
Hands put down, all must be done.

Amy Holder
Form 5 Shanti
Swaha Hindu College

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1280-honest-tea-honesty-campaignHonesty is something you choose,

If you lie you lose

It’s a sin to tell a lie

If you’re suffering don’t ask why

I have truthful words and ways

But careful with the things I say

If you want to be trusted,

Be honest.

If you want to be honest,

Be true.

Please don’t lie, please don’t test

I am honest it’s the best.

Done By: Kevaun Larrah

Of 2 Shanti

SWAHA Hindu College

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What is Dharma?

offeringAn interesting quote states‘Dharmo rakshati rakshitah’,

Dharma surely protects those who protect Dharma.

But what is Dharma exactly, this is a very broad term,

It’s an ethical guideline for Hindus, we have lots to learn.


Satya, soucha, asteya, ahimsa, daan, dhriti, dayaa

Achchay iraaday, charitra, sadaachar, naitiktaa,

Peacefulness, service to others and charity giving,

Dharma can be described as the right way of living.


The root of dharma is compassion, suggested Sant Tulsidas,

By upholding dharma, good karma will surely come to pass.

Some advise to always tell the truth and embody goodness,

They interpret dharma to be the path of all righteousness.


Nindaa, mithyaa, amangal, duraachaar,himsaa,sharaarat

Kaam, lobha,daah,dvesh,jalan, bayeemaanee, naphrat,

Materialism, ego, arrogance, pride, covetousness, calumny,

These are not very dharmic qualities, it’s quite clear to see.


So in this current age of Kaliyug, will dharma become extinct?

Well, fuelling the lamp of dharma is much easier than you think.

Be virtuous, good natured, kind, practise unconditional honesty,

Go to work, perform with the highest ethics and do your duty.


Attend your mandir regularly and make sure to heartily sing along,

Take every opportunity to participate actively in that divine song.

Be honourable in your actions, pray to Bhagwaan every day,

There are simply no negatives when you live your life this way.


Parents teach your children that their morals should never bend

As Hindus, we must ensure that dharma does not see an untimely end

And most importantly, we must remember where this poem began

As man protects Dharma, Dharma in turn will look after that man


Hindi words                        Meanings

Achchay iraaday                      Good intentions

Ahimsa                                       Non-aggression

Amangal                                     Evil

Asteya                                        Non-stealing

Bayeemaanee                          Dishonesty

Charitra                                    Character

Daah                                          Jealousy

Daan                                          Charity

Dayaa                                        Compassion

Dharma                                    Righteousness, virtue, religion, etc.

Dharmo                                   Righteousness, virtue, religion, etc.

Dhriti                                       Steadfastness

Duraachaar                            Misconduct

Dvesh                                      Malice

Himsaa                                   Violence

Hindu                                      Hindu

Jalan                                        Envy

Kaam                                       Lust

Kaliyug                                    Age of vice

Karma                                     Cause and effect of action

Lobha                                      Greed

Mandir                                    Place of worship

Mithyaa                                   Deceitfulness

Naitiktaa                                  Morality

Naphrat                                    Hate

Nindaa                                     Condemnation

Rakshati                                   To protect

Rakshitah                                 The protected one

Sadaachar                                Virtue

Sant                                           Saint

Satya                                          Truth

Sharaarat                                  Wickedness

Soucha                                       Cleanliness



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Mera Dhanyavaad de…

Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari Om!

Without your blessing, I only roam.
I see YOU in everything, everywhere,
In Surya, Chanda, Akash, Prithvi, even the air.
Every morning I remind myself to offer jal,
To ask for more ashirvaar, to remove more mal.
But what else can I say?
Dhanya, dhanyavaad de!

O Bhagwaan Shiva!
Hamare Mahadeva!
I want to say thank you,
Firstly, for my beloved Guru.
He is my guide and my Aajaa,
In my life, he is my Parampitaa.
What else can I say?
Dhanya, dhanyavaad de!

O Durga Devi!
Hamari Kali, Bhawani!
You have filled my life with prosperity,
You have given me mera parivaar bahut acchaa.
Bhaiya, bahin, maataa and pitaa.
What else can I say?
Dhanya, dhanyavaad de!

O Maataa Saraswati and Lakshmi!
Hamari Sharda aur Kamala Devi!
You have given me many teachers, in many forms,
My Guru and my parents who help with life’s storms.
Thank you so much for Ajee, Nani and Nana,
Who all help me to remember my dharma.
What else can I say?
Dhanya, dhanyavaad de!

O Raam! O Krishna!
Hamare Narayana!
I will always sing bhajan and kirtan,
And listen to stories from the Ramayan.
I will go to temple every Sunday,
Celebrate Ram Naumi, Shiv Raatri, Divali and pray, pray, pray.
I will proudly wear my sari, shalwaar and orhini,
Tell the world ‘Main Hindu hoo!’ loudly.
What more can I say?
Only, Bahut Dhanya, dhanyavaad de!


By Vaishnavi Persad, Gyaan Deepak Kirtan Mandali

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True Beauty

Rupa she is called, a pretty Indian girl,

Well poised like a gem or pearl,

Everyone admiring that girl

Who is outfitted with a kind heart and pure soul.


Her bright and colourful Sari,

Wrapped around her with such beauty,

She identifies with her tradition,

Reflecting the true East Indian female, who resides in our nation.


The red dot on her mother’s forehead,

Is not just merely a dot,

But to her – a symbol of commitment

And wellbeing of her loved one,

Nothing more like loyalty,

Bringing to her loved ones true faithfulness and beauty.


I admire the sisters, daughters, wives and mothers.

Those Devis who uphold respect, duty and commitment to self and family.

How I strive to be an ideal Indian female,

In this tainted modern-day society.


Written by Stevanna Horrel

Class 2 Shanti

Swaha Hindu College

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Indian Arrival Poems

As we celebrate the anniversary of the East Indians’ presence in this land, we are reminded of their valuable contribution to various aspects of culture. Whether it is bhojan (food), bhajans (song), bhesh (clothes) or bhaashaa (language), the contents of their ghatri (bundle) have sustained Trinidad and Tobago up to this day.

In SWAHA, the poetry component of the annual Swadeshi competition has never failed to attract many writers of all age groups. The poems below are some of the outpourings of our young members of SWAHA.


I love my culture

And love to do yoga

I love my dharma

So I perform my pooja.

I revere the Ramayana

The Puranas and the Gita

I worship Guru, mata and pita

I pray to Lord Shiva and Soorya.

I spray gulal during Phagwa

And celebrate with SWAHA

I light deyas during Divali

And do aarti with my thaali.

I adore Lord Hanuman

For he is shaktimaan

He is strong, so powerful

And he is never doubtful.

Name: Ravindra Ramharack

Age group: 12 and under

Temple: Gyaan Deepak Kirtan Mandali



In this time where evil lurks near,

We must understand as Hindus

Praarthnaa will combat all fear.

For our Bhagvan,

Will free us from the shackles of despair

Aur reenergize hope for a better din,

A better mas, a better saal.

Our culture is in need,

In need of someone to steer the ship,

Our values hold precedence to our character

Character shapes our destiny.

From India we came as labourers: not slaves

In Bhagvan we trusted, our scriptures we acclaim

Our practices we followed: the Hindu way of life we live.

Now times are changing but our culture must stay.

We must lift the banner of Hinduism I say,

Through the dark ages ka aaj

The responsibility is ours, tum aur mai both:

Bhai aur bahin, mata aur pita.

Our culture is our hope: to lose hope is to give up.

We will not dismiss our duty.

Jaisa karna waisa bharnee.

We will plant rich seeds in our characters

Nourish it with understanding aur manners,

Aur it will surely, blossom in our future.

Sanskriti samridhi sama nidhi

The wealth of our culture lies in:

Maintaining our values.

We need to harvest our capabilities,

Use it together as ek,

Work to our full abilities

Aur live to enrichen our culture

Prem ki pariwar aur worship ko pitris.

Our culture depends on it

Haa!  Sanskriti samridhi sama nidhi.

Name: Varun Ramadhar
Age group: 13-16 yrs
Temple: SWAHA Dharma Jyot Mandir



To the Swaha Gyaan Jyoti Mandali,

I am ready to go

To practise for Swadeshi,

But my pieces I did not know.

The pundit asked me for my homework,

I did not have any,

I forgot to do my poetry

And also my Art and Craft entry.

We now had to practise for our Bhagwad Gita Verse,

This Sunday morning was getting worse

With a smile of kindness, the Pundit began to speak a lot

Of things and events of which I knew not.

Of the sacrifices of our purvasi to come to Trinidad Deshi,

And the horror of the journey across the Kala Pani

The days in the field, cutting cane,

From the crack of dawn until the day wane.

Reading of Ramayana by flambeaux they did every day,

And engaged in Holi, Krishna Leela and Ramleela play

They showed love and compassion to each other,

Gaining strength like a closed fist held tightly together.

I understand now why I must learn their ways,

To preserve this great way of life in my future days

To pass on this Dharma I now see

Sanskriti  Samriddhi Sada Nitti.

Name: Sephia Ragoobar

Age group: 12 and under
Temple: SWAHA Gyaan Jyoti Mandali

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Domestic Violence


Daddy came home upset,

I can see he’s a little tipsy.

He called out to mummy

And told her put on the T.V.

Daddy didn’t have a good day

And he’s angry,

Cause he didn’t get his money,

So he took it out on mummy.

He started to argue

And blame mummy for everything.

He told her she’s blight

And they started to fight.

He slapped her and

Grabbed her by the hair,

And started to drag mummy everywhere,

To show her that he does not care.

Mummy got up,

And ran upstairs,

locked the door and

hid behind the chest of draw.

Daddy kicked open the door,

Slapped her to the floor

And started to kick her in the tummy,

Kick my loving mummy.

Battered and bruised,

Mummy crying in pain

But it makes no use

Cause that’s daddy’s game.

Two months away from giving me life.

I’m already in a world cold as ice.

Mummy, helpless, lying on the floor

Barely breathing curled behind the door.

Neighbours around pay no heed,

As daddy does this wicked deed.

No family to turn to anywhere,

No one to take us away from here.

Even if help is on the way,

It’s already too late, too late anyway.

For daddy has committed a dreadful sin

Because he took mummy and I away from this world we used to live in.


By  R. Sirju

Communication Studies student, Swaha Hindu College

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