The name of my religion is Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma. As a Hindu I believe in the following:

  1. That there is only ONE God but He can assume many forms.
  2. God manifests in different forms on earth from time to time.
  3. The four tenets which guide me daily are: Satyam (truth), Soucham(cleanliness), Dayaa(compassion) and Daan(charity).
  4. My purpose here on earth is to attain ‘moksha’ or self-realisation, that is, to realise that God and I are one.
  5. Law of Karma: We reap the fruits of the actions we perform.
  6. Reincarnation: In order to exhaust our karmas (fruits of actions) we are reborn.
  7. Transmigration of the soul: of the 8,400,000 species of creation I can be reborn as any of these forms in order to exhaust my karmas and in my quest to seek ‘moksha’ or self-realisation.
  8. My Holy Books include: Bhagavad Gita, Ramayan, Vedas, Puranas, Mahabharat and Upanishads.


As a Hindu I strive to carry out the following DAILY duties which I call ‘nitya  karma’ :


  1. Dev yagya-worship of God- offer jal, flowers, aarti, perform havan, chant mantras, sing bhajan.
  2. Rishi yagya- read my scriptures.
  3. Pitri yagya- practise the traditions of my ancestors.
  4. Bhoot yagya- show compassion to animals and all lower forms of creation.
  5. Manushya yagya- serve my fellow-man.
  6. Worship my parents and Guru as my Gods upon earth.
  7. Consider Mother Earth as a form of Divinity and do my part to revere the environment.
  8. Consider the cow as a form of Divinity.
  9. Seek to be God-conscious in everything I do.

As a Hindu I strive every day in every way to carry out the practices of ‘Yama’- forms of self-restraint and ‘Niyam’- forms of positive virtues. These are:

YAM: the ten recognized forms of self-restraint:

  1. Ahimsaa:- non-aggression, causing no harm to others.
  2. Satya:- truthfulness
  3. Asteya:- non-stealing, non-covetousness
  4. Brahmacharya:- sacred study, maintenance of purity of mind and body, continence.
  5. Dayaa:- compassion
  6. Arjavam:- straightforwardness, sincerity, honesty, purification of knowledge.
  7. Kshamaa:- forgiveness
  8. Dhriti:- constancy, firmness
  9. Mitaahaara:- control of diet
  10. Soucham:- maintenance of internal and external cleanliness.

NIYAM: ten forms of positive virtues are:

  1. Tapasya:-austerities
  2. Santosh:- contentment
  3. Asteya:- relentless pursuit of self-realisation
  4. Daanam:- providing service, charity to others without expectation of fruits.
  5. Devasya-poojanam:- worship of God
  6. Siddhaanta-sravanam:-listening to Scriptures with unwavering attention
  7. Hrih:- modesty
  8. Mati:- self-study; heightening state of self-awareness
  9. Jap:-constant repetition of mantras, recitation of God’s names
  10. Homa:- offerings into the sacred fire.

These practices bring me closer to realizing my true nature which is Divinity.

Upper School Students

Hindu Religious Instruction Class

St George’s College