Hinduism is a solution-oriented religion bent on guiding its followers and mankind to achieve success in all areas of life and living. Good values have always been associated with Hindu families because they have been a tradition literally passed down and exemplified by God.

Family has always been the foundation and core of any successful man and woman. The saying goes, “Show me a successful man and I will show you one who has been blessed by his parents.” One who strays from the path simply needs to re-orient with what matters and that individual will instantly be back on his or her feet to face life and its many challenges.

Lord Ganesh has, through example, shown His followers this pathway to success. Lord Ganesh has earned the title of “Prathampujya” or the one who should be worshipped first in any puja or undertaking. In a test between Kartikeya Swami and Lord Ganesh, the one who should go around the world the fastest would be conferred this title. Whilst Lord Kartikeya jumped on his vaahan (vehicle), the peacock and made haste, Lord Ganesh simply drew a circle around his parents Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati and performed parikrama or circumambulation. This simple act of Lord Ganesh teaches us many lessons and proves that our parents should be our focus and in essence, our world. This “Ganesh Principle” or value that Lord Ganesh has placed heavy emphasis on should be practiced in our own lives. When we get up in the morning, we should ask ourselves: how often do we bow to our parents and seek their grace and guidance? Other parts of the scriptures will state, “Pratham Guru Maata” that the first teacher is our mother, then our father. If we have lost our parents, then “Satyam Maata, Pitaa Gyaanam” – truth is my mother and knowledge is my father.

Lord Ganesh’s walking around his parents teaches us that we must continuously re-orient ourselves with these virtues and only then can we achieve the highest successes. This process of re-orientation occurs in circumambulation. When a person performs parikrama, in essence, the energy centres or chakras in the body become energized and awakened, thereby aiding in our own spiritual growth and development. This is the cyclic nature of the Universe, Solar system and Time. Lord Ganesh and his actions constantly remind us that true success will come only when the individual re-orients and fortifies that bond and relationship with his parents, values and the higher spiritual self.


Pt Varistha Persad

T111- SWAHA Hindu College