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The Benefits of Soorya Fast

The human being is a microcosmic representation of the macrocosmic universe in which we exist. Just as there are nine main planets or ‘nau grahas’ in the solar system, similarly, within the subtle body, situated along the spinal cord, from the spine to the head, there are nine chakras or energy centres, seven of which are major ones. Their function is mainly to regulate the flow of energy through the body, both physical and subtle. Harmony within this inner universe keeps the energy centres energised, thereby enhancing levels of creativity, vitality and self-awareness.

Reflecting light energy on the planets in the outer macrocosmic world is the sun, the king of the ‘grahas’, the ruler of the planets. This energy increases or decreases with changes in the sun’s activity and planetary movement. The effects of such astrological occurrences directly influence the rate at which energy is assimilated in man’s physical and subtle bodies. There may be the disturbances in the human vibration system, obstructing the free flow of energy within the body, resulting in the disruption of body rhythm, mental and physical imbalance and general disharmony in bodily functions. Debilitating health conditions may follow.

Such conditions, quite often, defy the best medical diagnostic instruments since the symptoms are spread beyond the physical body. Spiritual diagnosis based on astrological and other calculations, however, clearly reveals the source of the imbalance.

Through fasting and the sincere worship of Soorya Bhagavan, the chief among the ‘grahas’, inner balance and rhythm are restored. Through the medium of ‘mantras’, performing ‘havan’, and making various offerings, the process of ‘bhoot shuddhi’ or purification of the five principal elements which comprise the body (air, water, earth, fire and ether) takes place. Consequently, the ‘anaahat chakra’, the centre of bio-energy of the heart, is re-energised and a greater sense of connectedness with one’s own self is experienced.

This ‘anaahat chakra’, which is associated with the thymus, induces equilibrium, peace, compassion and charity. Under such circumstances the effect of restoration of the free flow of energy throughout the physical and subtle bodies is felt. With greater assimilation, the generating speed of the chakras increases and mental stability returns. With re-energisation, there flows an increase in vitality, dynamism, rhythm, creativity and self-awareness while optimum health is also achieved. The sun of divine wisdom rises within and shines once more.

Constant, steady practice of the worship of Soorya Bhagavan is most conducive to bringing about an increase in the energy flow in the body. A protective shield is built that protects one from both internal and external influences. One is able to illuminate one’s outer world through increased enthusiasm, perception and courage. Enveloped by a rich ambience and a prosperous inner environment he diffuses his light to the external world.

Spiritual Head of SWAHA , Paramacharya Pt. Hardeo Persad, has advised  that a twelve-Sunday Soorya Fast should be done by every Hindu  this year. The worship of Soorya Bhagavan is most efficacious in strengthening one’s resolve to overcome the difficulties of 2017.

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