Dharma Mandal

Paramacharya Pt. Hardeo Persad

paramacharyaHis Holiness Paramacharya Pt. Hardeo Persad is the Spiritual Head of SWAHA International and a practicing Pundit with over four decades of experience. He is the eldest son of the late Shankaracharya Pt. Hari Prasad (founder of SWAHA) and Smt. Chandrawatie Prasad. The Paramacharya has been pursuing the path of his ancestors working to propagate the time-honoured traditions and philosophy of Sanatan Dharma throughout Trinidad and Tobago and Internationally. He is the Guru of thousands of disciples, and he oversees all SWAHA institutions across the country including religious Centres and Branches, Early Childhood Care and Education Centres, the Vishok Bhavan Children’s Home and the SWAHA Hindu College. Pramacharyaji has a keen interest in the personal and spiritual development of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Pt. Balram Persad

balrampersadPt. Balram Persad is a senior member of the Dharma Mandal and the Upa-Paramacharya of SWAHA. He was appointed the first Principal of SWAHA Hindu College from where he retired in February 2012. He is the Spiritual leader of SWAHA Om Shakti Mandali of Aranguez. At present, he is the principal of Tulsi Manas Primary School. He is also a member of SWAHA’s Board of Education.

Pt. Prof. Prakash Persad

prakashpersadProfessor Pt. Prakash Persad, senior pundit of Dharma Mandal, is the Spiritual Leader of Divya Ashram, Preysal as well as the Director of Education in SWAHA. He is a professor of Mechatronics. He is the current Acting Chair of the Board of Niherst.

Pt. Gyandeo Persad

gyandeopersadPt. Gyandeo Persad, senior pundit of the Dharma Mandal, is the Spiritual Leader of Sukh Shanti Bhakti Mandali and Dharma Jyot Mandali. He is the holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree with first class honours in Languages as well as Diploma in Education from the University of the West Indies. He has also completed studies at Indian tertiary institutions, having won two scholarships in Hindi. At present, Pt Gyandeo is the Principal of SWAHA Hindu College. He is the composer of the SWAHA Geet and the SWAHA Chaaleesaa.

Pt. Maniedeo Persad

manideopersadA senior member of the Dharma Mandal, Pt Maniedeo Persad is the Spirirtual Leader of SWAHA Shri Raam Dhaam of Diego Martin. A former High Commissioner to India, representing the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, Pt. Maniedeo spear-headed the first International Gita Conference held in the Caribbean.

Pt. Sondath Maharaj

sondathmaharajA senior member of the Dharma Mandal, Pt Somdath Maharaj has over four decades of experience in the priesthood, ministering to the needs of devotees across the length and breadth of Trinidad. He is the son-in-law of the Shankaracharya of SWAHA, His Holiness Pt Hari Prasad.

Pt. Umadutt Maharaj

umaduttmaharajA member of the Dharma Mandal, Pt Umadutt Maharaj is the Spiritual Leader of SWAHA Sanatan Brahma of Gasparillo and the current President of SWAHA. He also heads the Sports Committee that oversees SWAHA’s annual Sports Day.

Pt. Jaidath Maharaj

jaidathmaharajA member of the Dharma Mandal, Pt. Jaidath Maharaj is the spiritual leader of the SWAHA Gyaan Jyoti Mandali and a director of SWAHA .  He holds an undergraduate degree in accounting, a post graduate diploma in education administration and is in the thesis stage of the Masters in Education. He also holds the position of Manager, Quality Assurance at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, University of the West Indies, with responsibility for overall quality and accreditations.

Pt. Ishwar Madho Maharaj

ishwarmadhomaharajPt. Ishwar Madho Maharaj is the eldest son of the late Pt. Mohan Madho and Mrs. Tara Madho Maharaj. He has a BSc. Zoology & Botany and a Postgraduate Dip. in Education. Currently Pt. Ishwar is the Dean of Studies at Swaha Hindu College and the Chairman of Swaha ECCE Sangre Grande. He is attached to Swaha Tulsi Manas Mandir and the Longdenville Hindu Mandir. In addition, Pt. Ishwar is also responsible for Swaha Pundits Affairs.

Pt. Dr. Umesh Persad

A member of the Dharma Mandal, Pt. Dr. Umesh Persad is the Spiritual Leader of the SWAHA Gyaan Deepak Kirtan Mandali. He is an Assistant Professor in Design and Manufacturing Engineering at The University of Trinidad and Tobago.

Dharma Sansad

Pt. Artma Persad
Pt. Dave Maharaj
Pt. Dharamraj Maharaj
Pt. Harnarine Maharaj
Pt. Khemraj Rampersad
Pt. Lakhram Bisram
Pt. Lomas Persad
Pt. Rabidutt Maharaj
Pt. Shyam Gosine
Pt. Rajendra Persad
Pt. Rajiv Maharaj
Pt. Shammi Maharaj
Pt. Varistha Persad
Pt. Vasistha Persad
Pt. Vinayak Persad


Shankaracharya Pt. Hari Persad
Pt. Parmanand Persad
Pt. Prof. Laxminarayan Sharma
Pt. Kisoon Maharaj