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Swaha Vishok Bhavan (Children’s Home)

In seeking to advocate and protect the right of every child to a safe, loving and wholesome environment, the SWAHA Vishok Bhavan Children’s Home (meaning a Home free of worry) was established at 196, Mohess Road, Penal in 2008 with a resident capacity of thirty two.

The building , a two-storey structure, which incurred a total cost of $3.5 million inclusive of cost of land and construction comprises eight large, dormitory- type sleeping quarters, five bathrooms, as well as administrative office, kitchen, dining-room, prayer room, library, two multi purpose halls, recreation room, store room, family room and laundry. At present there is a staff of five caregivers and a supervisor. Originally the Home was designated for girls but this policy has since been adapted to include boys if they are included in the admission of a family of girls.

Aims and Objectives

SWAHA Vishok Bhavan in its thrust towards being an exemplar in good governance and management, as enshrined in its mission and vision statements, has qualified the following aims and objectives as being integral to the growth and development of this institution:

  • To provide a safe sanctuary for girls between the ages of five to seventeen who are victims of abandonment, abuse or dysfunctional families.
  • To provide a holistic type of education that will enable the child to eventually fit into mainstream society.
  • To provide guidance and supervision so that the child will grow and develop with a sense of continuity and trust in humanity.
  • To provide a loving, healthy and harmonious environment that creates a sense of belonging and acceptance in the child and in doing so encourages a spirit of love and unity among all the children of the Home.
  • To provide the necessary rehabilitation and protection needed to resuscitate the child’s depleted emotional and physical status.
  • To encourage and promote societal intervention that will enable the children to achieve their highest potentials.
  • To liaise with other related agencies in finding solutions and lending support in developing intervention strategies for dealing with children’s issues nationally.
  • To initiate programmes that will assist children to discover their abilities and talents and to encourage the fulfilling of these abilities through education and training.

Board of Directors

Mr . Arjoon Daniel (Chairman)
Mrs. Shoba Jamunar (Secretary)
Mrs. Indra Parasram  (Member)
Mrs. Deborah Prabhudial (Member)
Mrs. Bhanmatie Persad (Manager)
Pt. Dr. Umesh Persad (Member)

Staff Qualifications

The qualifications required for care givers constitute 3-5 O levels inclusive of English and Mathemetics, experience in working with children as well as certificates in a skill-related field. In the case of Office Manager/Assistant the additional qualification of computer skills and Office procedure are required.

At present the Home is mainly dependent on sponsors and fund-raising projects. As a result the Home is unable to offer salaries that are commensurate with qualifications resulting in some of our care givers being accepted with less than the minimum qualifications. However basic minimum wages are ensured.

Volunteer Programme

Volunteers are recruited for the purpose of assisting the residents with remedial work as well as teaching of skills, arts and crafts, religious education and sports.


Swaha Vishok Bhavan is not funded by Government, but is dependent on donations of well wishers as well as fund-raising efforts by the SWAHA Social Services Committee. Expenses include monthly salaries for staff, utility bills, food, other living expenses of residents and maintenance of the Home.

We thank you for your kind donations and financial support. Cheques or money transfers can be made out to:

Account Name: Vishok Bhavan
Account Number: 260801773901
Account Bank: Republic Bank Valpark Branch

Contact Us

Address: 196, Mohess Road, Penal, Trinidad and Tobago
Phone: (868) 647-0532
Cell: (868) 708-6059
Email: swahavishokbhavan@gmail.com
Website: vishokbhavan.swahainternational.org
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/vishokbhavan/



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