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Swaha Hindu College

SWAHA Hindu College opened its doors in the heart of Sangre Grande on September 2nd 2001. At this time the school accommodated 105 students and nine teachers at the Tulsi Manas Mandir’s compound which had been modified under the gracious indulgence of the members of the temple and the spiritual leader (who is also the Principal) Pt. Balram Persad. It was understood that this would have been a temporary arrangement as the school was under construction a few feet away. Pupils occupied the compound of Tulsi Manas Mandir for eight years until construction of the building was completed and handed over in November 2009. Apart from regular secondary school programmes of CSEC and CAPE, the students are engaged in a wide range of cultural projects, drama and sporting events which have earned the school creditable ratings within the North-eastern educational district and on the national stage as well. The school is also proud of the fact that it is the only Hindu school which promotes and practices vegetarianism and the only co-educational denominational school in northern Trinidad and Tobago.

Address of school: 3/4mm Cunapo Southern Main Road, Sangre Grande
Phone: 691-0061
Wesbite: shc.swahainternational.org
E-mail: swahahinducollege [at] live.com

SWAHA Aranjuez ECCE Centre

SWAHA Aranjuez ECCE Centre opened its doors on September 1997 with three teachers and 23 students. It occupies a new building constructed on land sourced by SWAHA.

Address: 5 Johnny King Road, Aranjuez
Phone: 674-9226
Motto of the school: ‘Footsteps small, achieving all.’

SWAHA Mohess Road ECCE Centre

SWAHA Mohess Road ECCE Centre was established in September 1987 as a private pre-school with two teachers and thirty-six students. It came under the umbrella of SWAHA in January, 2000.

Address: 196 Mohess Road, Penal, occupying the front area of Surya Pratisthaan.
Phone: 647-0015

SWAHA Preysal ECCE Centre

SWAHA Preysal ECCE Centre was opened on January 2003 on the ground floor of Swaha Divya Ashram.

Address: 5A Mowlah Road, Preysal Village, Couva
Phone: 636-0703
Motto: Towards A Brighter Future.

SWAHA Sangre Grande ECCE Centre

SWAHA Sangre Grande ECCE Centre opened on September 2004 with three teachers and forty-five students. Classes are conducted in an annexe on the compound of Tulsi Manas Mandir.

Address: ¾ mm.Cunapo Southern Main Road, Sangre Grande.
Phone: 691-5735
Motto: Learning For Success

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