SWAHA International

Hindu non-profit organisation


Swaha is an umbrella organisation consisting of various institutions including Centres, Branches, Affilates, Schools and Social Services. The following is a listing of Swaha’s current institutions. See the links under the ‘Insitutions’ menu for further information on each institution.

Swaha Centres

Swaha Gyaan Deepak Kirtan Mandali
Swaha Sukh Shanti Bhakti Mandali
Swaha Shree Raam Dhaam
SwahaDivya Ashram
Swaha Tulsi Manas Mandir
Swaha Gyaan Jyoti Mandali

Swaha Branches and Affiliates

Om Shakti Mandali
Antar Jyot Mandali
Dharma Jyot Mandali
Kashie Vishwanath Mandir
Shiv Shankar Mandir
Longdenville Temple
Gyaan Bhakti Mandali
Florida Sanatan Dharma Incorporated

Swaha Schools

Swaha Hindu College
Swaha Aranjuez ECCE
Swaha Sangre Grande ECCE
Swaha Presyal ECCE
Swaha Mohess Rd. ECCE Centre

Swaha Social Services

Swaha Vishok Bhavan (Children’s Home)

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