Saraswati Devi mantra for success

सरस्वति नमस्तुभ्यं वरदे कामरूपिणि ।
विद्यारम्भं करिष्यामि सिद्धिर्भवतु मे सदा ॥

saraswati namastubhyam varadé kāmarūpiṇi |
vidyārambham kariṣhyāmi, siddhirbhavatu mé sadā ||

O Saraswatī, salutations for you, O Giver of boons, O Giver of form to desire, I am going to start studying, may success be mine, always.

Driving My Chariot of Victory In 2015

Yet another year has gone by and a new one has dawned upon us. Expectations of greater peace, empathy for each other and improved quality of life for all are among some of our hopes as we steer ahead in the uncharted waters of 2015.

For many, the past year was one of achievement and prosperity. Yet for many others, 2014 was a year riddled with complications and various challenges. Silent voices of despair and depression screamed out their pain. But hope remained afloat as many good persons stretched out their hands to help those oppressed. The divine light at the end of the tunnel was always present amidst the materialistic darkness.

Yet, to move on we must, whether in light or darkness. Encouraged by the promise and wisdom of our scriptures, we will always find the support that will help us to navigate safely along the rough paths, enabling us to continue to do our duties without compromising our core principles.

The profound messages of Bhagavan Shri Ram are most relevant in a world wrought by several challenges. Indeed, the life and times of this ‘avataar’ of the ‘Treta’ Age serve as a reminder to us that we need not become victims of circumstance but instead, become victors of our lives. We must not use apparently challenging situations as excuses for lethargy, withdrawal of service, dereliction of duty or plain failure. During his sojourn on earth, Shri Ram was exiled, His kingdom was taken from Him, His wife was kidnapped and His brother and many friends were struck down in battle yet He continued fighting the battle against Raavan.

Barefooted and bereft of an army, Shri Ram stood alone and still defeated the royally bedecked, fully armed Raavan, who approached him on his fully loaded chariot. Of course, the chariot of Shri Ram was of another kind. It is the ‘Jai Rath’ – the chariot of victory. It is one which will, without a doubt, steer us towards victory in life.

We will be assured of success if we ride our way through the year on a chariot built with the following materials outlined by Shri Ram: wheels built of valour and fortitude; the flag of truthfulness; the ensign of virtuous conduct; the horses of physical strength, discriminative power, self control and benevolence; the reins of forgiveness, compassion and even-mindedness; the charioteer is worship of God; the weapons of spiritual dispassion, contentment, charity, reasoning faculty and spiritual science;  the quiver of a pure unwavering mind; the arrows of positive virtues and forms of self restraint and the armour of homage to Guru and Brahmins.

What is there that can stand in our way as we move through the next twelve months riding on a chariot of these qualities? Hindu scriptures declare that enemies become friends, mountains become as small as a grain of sand and poison becomes nectar. Indeed, no challenge is insurmountable when we travel through life on this chariot.

Life is one of effort. To be victorious in the battle of life, we need to construct the chariot of victory. Through each storm, mountain and valley, whatever the conditions, such a vehicle will carry us victoriously.

May we all journey through life successfully as we travel on this chariot of victory.




Remembering Shankaracharya

shankaracharyaDecember 11, 2014 marks the birth anniversary of SWAHA’s Shankaracharya, the late Pt. Hari Prasad. In remembering this icon of Sanaatan Dharma, we recall one whose vision extended far beyond our contemporary sphere of spirituality and recollect some words of his, immortal advice for all of humanity: “We are all travellers in this journey of life. To prepare for this journey, we must ensure that the attitude of ‘Karlay Kaam Bhajalay Raam’ permeates the entire atmosphere.”

“Although the challenges will always exist and hindrances will always be placed in our path, our scriptures urge us not to give up.”

“Have total faith in God and don’t shun your duty. Develop stability of mind and believe in our scriptures. We must continue to maintain our dharma and live a simple life at His feet. Once we perform self sacrifice, never compromising our principles and having compassion for those around us, His name will be held high.”

A message eternal! Indeed it is the ghee that sustains the flame of SWAHA and which will continue to shed light upon all, bringing us nearer to the state of true enlightenment.